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Light Duty Storage Rack & Shelves

We supply a variety of light-duty storage racks and shelves at an affordable price in Singapore

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Light Duty Storage Rack & Shelves

Affordable heavy-duty storage rack and mezzanine floor installation services

BSM Engineering Pte Ltd provides convenient storage solutions and seamless access to your business products through a diverse range of adjustable, top-notch, and long-lasting industrial racking systems suitable for all environments.

A heavy-duty rack enhances the efficiency and functionality of factories, warehouses, and various storage facilities, with the choice of specific racking systems depending entirely on the objects or products they will store, the particular structures or locations they will occupy, and the materials utilized in their construction.

We provide the following Heavy Duty Rack and Mezzanine Services:

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  • This kind of shelving design with butterfly-hole upright. Boltless, easy and fast to install. The layers can be adjusted up and down every 75mm.
  • Capacity is 100 to 500kg per layer.
  • Suitable for workshop and warehouse. Also, save costs without using a forklift.
  • Main Unit has two upright frames, which can be used individually.
  • Addon Unit only has one upright frame, which must be attached to the main unit


  • Diamond-hole upright design. Compared to Butterfly-hole, its upright frame can be disassembled which make it saves a lot of space and cost for transportation.

  • The capacity of each layer has 200 to 1000kg.
  • The layers can be adjusted up and down every 50mm.
  • Suitable for workshop and warehouse without using forklift.


  • Known as Selective Pallet Racking, is the most economical type and is widely used in various projects.
  • Due to storage heavy items, need to be used with pallets and forklifts. Suitable for all kinds of goods. Strong capacity and more safety.
  • Heavy Duty Pallet Racking, consist of upright, beam and horizon/diagonal bracing. Which can prevent the instability of the rack. The beam is made of cold-roll steel, the structure is simple, light and affordable.
  • Each connection of the upright and beam has a special safety pin to ensure the beam doesn’t fall off.


  • Mezzanine Floor, known as equipment platform, is a cost-effective solution to increase your storage or production space by utilizing the existing unused vertical space in your facility. Mezzanine can be installed in high-ceiling spaces to optimize vertical space.
  • These semi-permanent steel structures/platforms are more often and more affordable than building renovations.
  • Mezzanine can be installed as a freestanding unit or attached to an existing wall. Freestanding mezzanines are highly adaptable, as they can be dismantled and relocated as needs change. They can be supported by structural steel uprights and elements, or by pallet racking or industrial shelving units. It is also quite common to install a modular to provide additional office space, lunchrooms, overlook towers, etc.
  • The capacity of each floor is usually less than 500kg. The height range of each floor is 2.2 to 2.7m. For the convenience of operation, racks on the top are about 2m high regularly.


  • H-steel Mezzanine platforms have a long span between uprights which can increase storage space more than the common mezzanine.
  • Uprights and beams can use H-type steel – Simple but strong capacity. Platform floors have steel plates, grid plates and wood board for choices.


  • This system provides maximum cube space utilization. The floor-to-ceiling storage optimizes vertical space and the significant depth of the racks which reduces the need
    for traditional aisles. The greater density of storage in both these systems allows seven times more storage room than floor stacking and three times more than the
    traditional pallet racks.
  • Due to depend heavily on forklifts for the movement of products. This solution increases the potential for pallet rack damage. It is imperative for forklift drivers to meticulously follow the pallet rack safety rules and report any damage to the rack systems.
  • For the area against the wall, the total depth needs to be under 6 pallets deep. For the middle area, both sides depth needs to be under 12 pallets deep. So that to increase the efficiency of forklifts.